Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Reluctant Star

I tried to capture a video of Anthony singing some songs.  He wasn't in the mood to cooperate.  Until his favorite director arrived. Artists are so temperamental!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

If the snow won't come to Portland...

...then you've got to go where the snow is! Today found us heading up to Mt. Hood with friends, where plenty of fresh snow was coming down. So we grabbed our hats and mittens and headed for the 22 degree fresh air...

It helps to take turns carrying the smaller members of the polar exploration team...

"Why are our parents trying to freeze us to death?!?"

There was snow coming down all around us, and we were lucky enough to be where it wasn't crowded at all! Just look at how beautiful it is up there...

Just look at these happy faces!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everybody in the Pool!

Here's Anthony all suited up for his first Portland Parks and Recreation swimming class.  

He did great and had a lot of fun.  Thank you, Grandma Marge, for the swimming lessons!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Model Behavior

Check out the handsome young model on the left, currently featured in the Target circular.  He's  getting a lot of press this week, including articles at MSNBC and Adweek

Target Ad

Nordstrom ad

Why is this a big deal?  A fellow blogger, Noah's Dad, puts it well (the following is taken from his blog):

Even though Target didn’t make a big deal out of the fact they used a boy with Down syndrome as a model in their ad, they said plenty. They said the same things that Nordstrom said when they used Ryan as a model in their catalog this past summer. I could list a hundred things Target said by running this ad, let me give you 5 that immediately come to mind:

5 Things Target said by Not Saying Anything:
1.They said that people born with Down syndrome deserve to be treated the same as every other other person on this planet.
2.They said that it’s time for organizations to be intentional about seeking creative ways to help promote inclusion, not exclusion. (It’s no accident that Target used a model with Down syndrome in this ad; it was an intentional decision. If want the world to be a place where everyone is treated equal we can’t just sit around and watch the days tick away. We have to be intentional. We have to do something.)

3.They said that companies don’t have to call attention to the fact that they choose to be inclusive in order for people to notice their support for people with disabilities. In fact, by not making a big deal out of it they are doing a better job of showing their support for the special needs community.

4.They said it’s important for the world to see people born with disabilities with a fresh set of eyes. That it’s time for us to lay down all the inaccurate stereotypes from the past and move forward embracing the future with true and accurate ones

5.They said you don’t have to spend a lot for your kids to look good! (I mean come on, that shirt’s only five bucks!)

(What do you think- should we let Anthony's hair grow long again like Ryan's?)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Latest Way to Play Soccer

Anthony invents a new game...