Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Week at Home!

Welcome to the new Carson Family Blog: "Keeping Up with the Carsons"!!! We'll jazz it up later, but for now, here's a quick update- all good news!

We've been having so much fun having Anthony home. He's doing great, and enjoying exciting things like going to the park in the stroller, sitting in the backyard, tummy time, his new vibrating/rocking/bouncy chair (very handy when Mom and Dad have to eat!), and watching a movie for the first time with Mom and Dad on the couch (Anthony gave it a thumbs down, by sleeping through it!).

Anthony had his first pediatrician's appointment on Tuesday. His oxygen saturation was at 98% and his weight gain was right on track; his numbers on the cute-o-meter are off the scales, though. Feeding times (every 3 hours) are going pretty well- we've only had to use the G-tube for about 1 or 2 feedings out of 8 in a day, and we've had no spit-up episodes for 2 days (knock on wood!). He's healed up enough that he can have his first ever tub bath tomorrow- stay tuned for pictures!

Arnold is starting to accept that Anthony is here to stay (he seemed a bit disappointed when we returned from the pediatrician with Anthony, and weren't bringing him back where he came from). Their interactions so far have been Arnold coming over, sniffing Anthony, and then running away as fast as he can!

We'll post some pictures soon, but for now we just wanted to say a quick "hi" and welcome to the new blog!

Susan, Paul, and Anthony Michael


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! So glad everything is going well!

    Elise watched her first movie last night - Top Gun. She felt about the same as Anthony and slept the whole time.

  2. Thank goodness - the babies are Sweet Home Sweet!

  3. I'm guessing things will improve by leaps and bounds now that you have the power of "home" behind you. Isn't it amazing how new the world looks through a child's eyes? I think of you guys all the time. Anthony has reminded me to appreciate the simple things in life that we sometimes take for granted.
    I wish we were closer so I could visit. I miss you.

  4. Sounds like a happy, happy home. Maybe Anthony would like to sleep through the new movie, "UP", when it comes out on DVD. The reviews say everyone from 8 to 88 (and Anthony Carson) will love it. I think it's a cartoon. It's so wonderul to know you're all home.
    grandma marge