Monday, November 30, 2009

Speaking Out

Last week, Anthony was featured in a newspaper story about the use of the hated "r" word. The Oregonian columnist, Anna Griffin, met with us to talk and and wrote a really nice column afterwards. Here is the link:

It was a little scary to put our feelings out there for everyone to see, but it felt good to speak out on Anthony's behalf and on behalf of other kids and adults who might not have a voice. Here's part of a poem that I think captures the way we feel:

Our Fragile Emissary
by Nancy Tupper Ling

Blonde Beauty,
tiny as you are,
you catch their stares,
strangers' second glances
into tender baby blues.
And your young
sweet ears hear whisperings
("Down's," "defects")
words dropped loosely
at extra-chromosomed girls.

With such stinging receptions
how we long to shelter you,
surround you; keep your
gentle smiles to ourselves.
Instead, we hold you up, for others to see;
let you, our fragile emissary
speak to an imperfect world.

Friday, November 27, 2009

First Turkey Day!

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Anthony yesterday!

Here he is in his Thanksgiving outfit hanging out and relaxing before the big meal.
Sitting at the table with Grandma Jeanne. Such a big boy!
First things first: Everyone gets a special treat on Thanksgiving!
Oh boy!
I'm ready!

At last! Here comes the chef!
Anthony feasted on sweet potatoes, pureed chicken with turkey gravy, and pumpkin pie. Everything was delicious!
We're so thankful that our little boy is happy and healthy, and our family is all together!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

9 Months Old!

Time goes by so fast- Anthony is 9 months old today! He's doing great. He'd like to let you know what he's been up to these days.

Life is good these days! I am growing and learning new things all the time.

Here I am in my bassinet. I still sleep here next to Mommy and Daddy's bed. As you can see, I'm really too big for it, and I have a nice crib in my room, but Mommy and Daddy aren't ready to let me sleep there yet.
I don't mind keeping them company at night. I know they need me.

I am tall for my age, but I could be a little chunkier. I am doing better with finishing my bottles, although I can get pretty sloppy. I am trying out new solid foods. Last week I thought I liked spinach, but then I tried it again and decided, no, I really don't like it after all. I like peas the best so far. Mommy always gives me prunes. I don't know why.
A new thing I am learning is how to drink from a straw! We practice with this honey bear cup:

I go to daycare 3 days a week (That is, unless my auntie comes from NY to take care of me instead). I like it okay. Mommy drops me off in the morning and Daddy picks me up in the afternoon. There are a couple of other babies about my age, and we hang out. I take my naps in a hammock that hangs from the ceiling! It's so cozy. They give me prunes there, too. Big people sure like prunes!
On Mondays and Tuesdays I get to stay home with Mommy. Sometimes we have doctor appointments on those days, and every other week Mary comes to do physical therapy with me. But mostly Mommy and I do fun things. One of my favorite things is Music Together. We go there once a week. The best part is when they get out the big drum and we play along to the music! We have a CD of the songs from Music Together. After I have my breakfast, I like to play on my tummy while Mommy and I listen to my music.

Mommy will be glad when a new term of Music Together starts and we learn new songs.

I like to sit in my Bumbo Seat too.

I have pretty good posture!

The Bumbo is a great place to play with my rings. These are probably my favorite toys right now.
It sure rains a lot around here this time of year. Also it gets dark early. That means I don't go outside as much as I did in the summertime. But that's okay- Fall means nice things like cuddling while Daddy reads to me, and having fires in the fireplace. I like to watch the fireplace (from a safe distance of course, Grandma).
This is also cold and flu season, which means I don't get to see my friends as much lately. A lot of times we make plans but then somebody gets sick and we have to reschedule! I've had a few colds and once a stomach virus (Mommy and Daddy got the worst of that one!). But I do okay and get better right away. I don't even have to take any medicine for my lungs anymore!
My friend Ellie came over the other day. We had such a good time. We sat in our bouncy chairs while our Daddies watched something called "Star Trek."
We were so happy to see each other-we even gave each other a hug!

Another fun thing I do is go to swimming class on Saturdays. My favorite part is when we hang onto the the kickboard and go really fast from one end of the pool to the other!
Mommy and Daddy are trying to teach my sign language. It's good for us babies because we can use our hands to talk before we can use our mouths. This way we can say when we are hungry, for example, and not have to wait for the words. I am learning the signs for milk, more, all done, eat, drink, Mommy, Daddy, and kitty. Mostly I just laugh at them when they do the signs- Mommy and Daddy are so silly sometimes!!!
A new thing I've started just this week is babbling! I say "ma ma ma," "ba ba ba," and "da da da." Before, I mostly said "la!" and I have been trying very hard to make the other sounds. Mommy is so proud of me!
I love you all! Thanks for letting me share my happy times with you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who's This Baby?

Is it Anthony?
No! It's Grandpa Mike, circa 1923.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Giggles

Anthony thinks the absolute funniest thing in the world is to fly up in the air and rub Daddy's head. Turn the sound on to hear the giggles!