Monday, February 28, 2011

Protecting the Noggin

Today we went to the Safety Store at Legacy Emanuel Hospital to get Anthony a bike helmet!  He'll wear his helmet when he goes on rides with Mommy in his new bike seat, and also when he rides his trike outside.

The Safety Store is set up like a house to demonstrate all kinds of baby-proofing and safety gadgets. They do a very thorough job of making sure the helmet fits right.  And the helmet cost only $10, which is about half the usual price.

Waiting patiently for his turn.

 I don't think I trust you, lady.

Making sure the fit is right.

It's important that the strap is snug.

  Enough already!

  This is almost as bad as a haircut!

I'll wear it, but I won't like it.

Fortunately, he got used to it after just a few minutes.  Not only will the helmet protect his little noggin, but it also looks really cool. It has bugs on it and says things like "splat" and "squish". A little boy's dream!

Now if it will ever stop raining...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I made this Teddy for Anthony. 

 I think he's pretty cute!

 Anthony was mostly unimpressed.

I hope there will be lots of cuddles in Teddy's future.

Here is the pattern, from Blue Sky Alpacas.  It's called Baby Bobbi Bear.  Check out Ravelry for almost 500 examples of the bear.  It took me about 5 attempts to finally finish him.  I kept making mistakes and having to start over.  I even knit him once with his legs perpendicular to his arms!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

While the rest of the country is completely sick of slogging through winter weather, we finally got our first real snow here in Portland-- just as the daffodils had started to come up.

The schools were closed, which means daycare is closed, so Anthony got his first snow day ever.

It was too pretty to just look at from inside, so we bundled up and headed out.

Our intrepid snow bunny wasn't content to just sit there.

 Off he went!

 But eventually, you always reach that point where it's cold and your mittens are wet and it's time to go in. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Birthday Party

Anthony hosted a party for his buddies at Milagros Community Room

The Cake.

Goodie bags for our guests.

We had a robot theme, but most of the supplies didn't arrive in time from UPS! So if you know anyone who needs some cute robot plates, giant robot ballons, robot stickers, and cookie cutters in the shape of the number 2, let me know.

Anthony is getting big- busting out of his 18-month-size birthday shirt!

"All this for me?"

Claire is always the life of the party.

Reading "The Little Red Barn" with Harry.




Big Kenney and Little Kenney (who isn't so little!)


Baby Evie.

Baby Benjamin.

Still my baby.

Anthony continued his annual tradition of falling asleep at his own party.  It's hard work being the center of attention! 

Mommy and Daddy both took the day off work for Anthony's actual birthday on Wednesday, so we'll have a low-key family day together.  We'll visit Grandma Jeanne and go to the park...unless it SNOWS- which is a definite possibility, and wouldn't that be fun?!  Stay tuned.