Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Agony of the Teeth

After a long drought, Anthony seems to be getting some more teeth to add to the 8 he already has.  We're seeing a lot of the above and he's been waking up during the night, which is unusual for him. 

Here's the order that baby teeth usually come in:

Anthony's got 4 central incisors and 4 first molars.  I think I felt one today on the bottom front, what this chart calls the lateral incisor.  There might be more, but you put your finger in there at your own peril!


  1. We've had a long drought here too. Luc is still missing his Canines and second molars. Teething is no fun, hope they come quickly!

  2. Ha ha. Is it a D.S. thing? Because Nella has two front on the bottom, two on the top and she just skipped back and got her first molar this last weekend. We thought it was so funny she skipped all the teeth in the middle and I did a little googling but didn't find anything on it.