Monday, November 30, 2009

Speaking Out

Last week, Anthony was featured in a newspaper story about the use of the hated "r" word. The Oregonian columnist, Anna Griffin, met with us to talk and and wrote a really nice column afterwards. Here is the link:

It was a little scary to put our feelings out there for everyone to see, but it felt good to speak out on Anthony's behalf and on behalf of other kids and adults who might not have a voice. Here's part of a poem that I think captures the way we feel:

Our Fragile Emissary
by Nancy Tupper Ling

Blonde Beauty,
tiny as you are,
you catch their stares,
strangers' second glances
into tender baby blues.
And your young
sweet ears hear whisperings
("Down's," "defects")
words dropped loosely
at extra-chromosomed girls.

With such stinging receptions
how we long to shelter you,
surround you; keep your
gentle smiles to ourselves.
Instead, we hold you up, for others to see;
let you, our fragile emissary
speak to an imperfect world.


  1. Paul and Susan, it's so good that you are there to stand up for Anthony and to support him in this way!

  2. You go Susan! - I'm right behind you - Pat

  3. That's a beautiful one too Susan- thanks for sharing it- it really does capture it doesn't it?

  4. Wow! What a great article. I am impressed. And yes, I am loving looking at Baby Anthony!