Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anthony Has Two Grandmas

Grandma Marge arrived from NY this week to FINALLY meet her grandson! Aunt Pat came too! Aunt Pat took lots of pictures, so we'll post more when we get them, but here are a few in the meantime (and a video at the end).

Anthony was so happy he got to spend time with both of his Grandmas.

Grandma Marge knows what she's doing. Anthony ate all his carrots when she fed him.

He told her all about life in Portland!

I love my Grandmas!

All together at Grandma Jeanne's

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  1. I bet it was a great time for Anthony to visit with his two Grandmothers at the same time, although I hope there were no Dueling Grandmas - East Coast Marge and West Coast Jeanne. Great to see the photos. It looks like they got together and both wore their baby boy blues.