Monday, February 1, 2010

Hip Helpers

How do you like this look?No, Anthony's not training for the Tour de France.These are called Hip Helpers. Anthony's physical therapist brought them over last week.

Babies with Down syndrome are often super-flexible in the hips. This is great for things like putting your toes in your mouth.

But combined with the low muscle tone that also tends to come along with that pesky extra chromosome, this super-flexibility can make it hard to master things like sitting independently and crawling. The Hip Helpers provide support to keep the hips together. Anthony will wear them around the house for part of the day- when he's practicing sitting, playing on his tummy....

...or getting a cooking lesson from Daddy.
We'll keep you posted on how they're working out!


  1. Anthony looks like he is ready to take flight. Those Hip Helpers sure seem to agree with him. But then Anthony looks gorgeous in any outfit!

  2. He is absolutely georgeous like my baby girl....mine is 9 mos.nd her Pt therapist said shes ready for them.;-)