Monday, March 29, 2010

NY Trip Day 2: Color us Irish!

Daddy and Anthony donned their best green and braved the teeming hordes of preteen scamps and beer enthusiasts to take in THE St. Patrick's Day parade up Fifth Avenue!

We picked a choice spot across the street from the Plaza Hotel -- right in front of FAO Schwarz!
It was really inspiring and Anthony was up for it all -- he especially liked the sound of the bagpipes echoing down the long canyons of New York...

So many sights to see! Everything is so tall and amazing!

Like a city made of castles, floating high among the clouds...

Phew! So much to see! The parade kept marching on, far below. We were especially moved by the fire department and their tribute to those who gave their lives in 9/11...

After all that it was time for a break! So we headed over to Central Park for some well-deserved milk!

Then it was time, uh..."change our diaper." So where would you go? In this teeming throng of multitudes, where is a safe, quiet, cozy place to change a little man's diaper...?

Why, FAO Schwarz, of course! While the regular public bathroom (shockingly, in the baby department!!!) was full of young fellows looking for relief (and a place to leave their Heineken cans), it turns out there is a...HIDDEN, SECRET CHANGING ROOM...where mommies (and daddies!) can find a blissful oasis of solitude to get clean, complete with moist wipes! Oh, FAO Schwarz, we LOVE you!

Where there's something fun to enjoy for every little girl......and every little boy!

Lego Chewbacca!

The piano from Big...! What a wonderful day of fun and adventure, two fellas enjoying a first St. Patrick's Day in the magical kingdom of old New York...!


  1. It looks like it was a great day for the Carson Lads and the wearing of the green.

  2. wow, more than a little jealous of your NY adventure over here...