Sunday, April 25, 2010

NY Trip: Party at Grandma Marge's!

We were given a warm welcome and a party at Grandma Marge's on the first day of Spring. Anthony got to meet lots of his relatives and friends for the first time!

In contrast to Mommy, who has about 50 cousins, Anthony has exactly one. It's a good thing she's so awesome! Alex and Anthony had fun getting to know each other:
Hey cuz!!!

Check out my spoon! Isn't it neat?

Anthony also finally met his Aunt Maureen (Alex's mommy). I remember when Alex was that little!

And Uncle John, Grandpa Mike's brother. These two had a special bond-- Anthony would have stayed in Uncle John's arms all day if he had his way.

Aunt Betty got a turn, too, though.

With 11 kids and by now about one thousand grandchildren, these two know something about babies!

Here's Anthony with Uncle Tom (another of Grandpa Mike's brothers) and Aunt Frances

With his second cousin (or first cousin once removed???), Michaela

Michaela and her mother, Joan. Look at their pretty matching eyes!

Along with relatives, Anthony got to meet some of Mommy's friends from the old 'hood, and their amazing kids.

Mommy and Mary have known each other since high school!

Here are Mary's kids- Kyle, Connor, and Mary Kate, all grown up. The last time I saw Connor he was about 5 years old. He asked my advice about a girl in his class who had a crush on him. He was very concerned because although she loved him, he only liked her and didn't love her. I'm afraid I wasn't very helpful, but I'm sure they worked it out in the end.

Here's Mary sharing some embarrassing pictures of us in our younger days- eek!!!

This is Anthony with Mommy's friend Elaine. We met at Queens College many, many moons ago.

Elaine's beautiful kids are Trent and Maurene. They are naturals with babies, as you can see from these photos:

We had a wonderful trip. Thank you everyone- we love you!!! Now it's everyone else's turn to come see us in Oregon!*

Anthony and Arnold are waiting for you!

*But attention, New Yorkers: You have to say it right if you're gonna come. It's ORYGUN, not ORE-GONE.

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