Thursday, July 15, 2010

Star Trek in the Park 2010

We headed over to Woodlawn Park last weekend to catch Star Trek in the Park. This year's offering was the classic "Space Seed" episode, in which we are introduced to "KHAN!!!" for the first time. You'll remember Khan was played by the immortal Ricardo Montalban on The Original Series (TOS).

The word has spread, and Trek in the Park has grown in popularity since last year. Consequently, our seats were BEHIND the action and we couldn't hear a thing. No worries, though. That just means we'll have to go again, and arrive earlier. The show runs weekends through August 1st.

We all had a great time anyway!
Anthony came dressed for the occasion. I know what you're thinking-- a red shirt?! Look out! But Daddy assures us it's okay as long as you don't leave the ship as part of a landing party- that's key to surviving as a Red Shirt.

Everyone enjoys Trek in the Park, including members of the Portland plumber community.

Next year they're doing "Mirror, Mirror" (the evil alternate universe episode). We can't wait!

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  1. OK it's official, I am geek. I really did think "Oh no! A red shirt!" -until I read the caveat. Whew! xo Barb R