Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music with Mr. Ben

Whenever we get a chance, we like to go see Mr. Ben play music. This morning we caught a show at Milagros, along with our pals Hudson and Quinn.

Anthony started out politely paying attention, as usual.

Then Hudson joined us in the mosh pit, and well, let's just say things got a little out of hand!

Dancing so fast he's a blur!

Anthony spent some time chatting up this little lady at intermission, but she was only using him for his maracas.

Ah, young love, so cruel!

Some Mr. Ben shows are more successful than others. We hate to say it, but today's version of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" was a little lackluster. Still, overall a pretty good show!


  1. Mr. Ben looks like a righteous dude. Anyone who sings "Old Mick Jagger" to the tune of "Old MacDonald," clearly has an interesting history. If Anthony digs it, that's all I need to hear! Go, my little rhythm man!!!

  2. You three (four, sorry arnold) are the sweetest family. Every time I look at your blog, I find myself smiling, laughing and with an overall feeling of refreshment that families like you exist. You are truly inspiring. Thank you.