Thursday, October 28, 2010

Burritos in Breckenridge

We took a short drive from Keystone to the beautiful ski village of Breckenridge.  Our goal: to rent some bikes and take Anthony on his first ever bike ride.  We weren't disappointed.

The gondolas weren't open yet, but they were running them to get ready for the season.  Everyone was hoping for snow!

We found the bike rental place and after a few short blocks were on a paved bike path that runs along the river and has a view of the mountains.

 Anthony safely buckled in. Daddy provided the horsepower.

Off we go!

Hey- Wait for me!

 After a short time, Anthony fell asleep.  The bike rental shop owner said that's usually what
On our trek, we encountered this little burrito and his friends.  Here I am terrified because a sign was posted saying "Horses and donkeys can kick and bite."

Paul insisted the sign was just for liability purposes.

 It was just a beautiful ride.  The return trip was a little harder on everyone because it was uphill and the sun was right in our eyes. There was crying the whole way back (us, not Anthony!).

We made it back to town and treated ourselves to ice cream and a walk around Main Street.

 Anthony seems to have picked up my irrational Donkey-o-phobia.

 All in all, a very fine day!

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