Monday, January 3, 2011

The Children's Museum

We headed out to the Children's Museum for the first time on Sunday. It turned out they don't have a lot of activities for "pre-walkers" so it should be more fun for Anthony when he's a little older.
 Still a little short for most of the exhibits!  Hey, Portland Children's Museum: Put in some shorter tables for littler little ones to stand at. Especially when you charge FULL PRICE for kids starting at AGE ONE. (OMSI has free admission until age 2.) 

Anthony found some fun things to do though, like painting rocks with water.

Bouncing on the waterbed.

A mirror on the ceiling!

Watching Daddy do a puppet show.

Playing with cool "Lite Brite" lego things.

Wreaking havoc at the train table.

Anthony's most favorite thing of the day was the big Tinker Toy room.  Not so much for the toys, but he loved having a big open space to crawl around in.  He's getting so fast!

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