Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Concert

Anthony attended his first concert on Saturday. He wanted to see Metallica, but we vetoed that idea. Instead, we saw Rachel from Signing Time! The venue was Franklin High School's auditorium, and a good time was had by all.


The Signing Time Rainbow.  We learned how to sign all the colors.

Rachel!  She said that pictures and videos were allowed during the performance as long as everyone promised not to post any unflattering photos on the internet.

 Sorry, Rach!  That's one promise we just can't keep.

We were a little concerned about how it would go, because the show was scheduled right smack in the middle of nap time.  It worked out fine, though.  Anthony took a little snooze in the middle part of the performance.

But he woke up in time for the big finish, ready to rush the stage.

We all had the munchies afterwards, so we treated ourselves to a trip to the pub and a grilled cheese sandwich!

All kidding aside, we love Rachel. Her inspiration for Signing Time was her daughter, Leah, who was born deaf. Rachel has another daughter, Lucy, who has spina bifida and cerebral palsy. And she just shared this year that she has a third daughter. Read that story here.

Do you remember your first concert?  Mine was Foreigner at Madison Square Garden, in 1978.  Thanks to the magic of the internet, I found this account of the historic evening:

"In late Sept of '78 growing up in Bayonne, N.J. just outside NYC between Jersey City and Staten Island I as a fifteen year-old sophmore in high school attended my first concert and fittingly it was at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

"Foreigner had neglected to play any dates in NYC upon release of their first album despite being formed there two years prior but when the "Double Vision" LP came out they quickly sold-out the "Garden". I was allowed to take my brother, he, a year younger than I with me. We took the #10 Kennedy Boulevard bus from Bayonne to Journal Square in Jersey City then hopped the PATH train to 33rd Street a block from MSG. If I recall correctly we sat in the green section #330.

"The opening act that fall night was Nick Gilder of "Hot Child In The City" fame. Poor Nick was booed as soon as he started singing his first song, the aforementioned "Hot Child In The City" and by songs end it had reached a crescendo. He never finished his second song walking off in disgrace.

"Fans became restless in the time scheduled for the opening act, in the "limited vision" blue seats farthest from the stage concertgoers had used flammable liquid to set a couple of seat ablaze. As the smoke cleared from the security attending to the flames with fire extinguishers the lights on the stage began to cycle Lou Gramm appeared with the rest of the band and announced that "it felt good to be back home". Soon power chords echoed thoughout the Garden as Foreigner opened with an appropiate tune for the occasion, "Feels Like the First Time" ! The Garden shook with thunderous applause. I'll ALWAYS remember my first concert."

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  1. glad to hear you guys had a good time... but, come on, LOOK at that woman and tell me she doesn't radiate the crazy!

    Love the foreigner bit as well. My first concert was the first lollapalooza -- I was a late bloomer, what can I say? You should ask Amy sometime about her time as a "buttrock" fan in her pre-teen years. If I remember correctly, her first concert might have been Warrant...