Friday, June 15, 2012

Ladybug Walk

We went on a Ladybug Walk today.
These are nature walks for preschoolers sponsored by Portland Parks and Recreation. 

Each kid gets the use of a little backpack with a magnifying glass, spoons for digging in the dirt, and other tools that a tiny naturalist might need. 

Every week the Ladybug Walk is held at a different local park.  Today it was at Peninsula Park in North Portland- a great place for kids, with a beautiful rose garden, a fountain, outdoor swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, and lots of trees and wide open spaces for exploring.

On our nature walk we discovered worms, spiders, and pine cones.  We heard a story about the Douglas Fir , and even learned how to safely climb trees!

Ladybug Walks are held every Friday.  Join one, have fun, and support your Parks Department!


  1. looks like fun and great to hear of your adventures

  2. Yeah! Looks like a grand time for all - and Anthony is TALL!!!