Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beach Trip Photo Bomb!

We spent a glorious week in Manzanita on the Oregon Coast.  I have about a million pictures and it's hard to narrow them down so I'm just going to post them all.
Here's Anthony running on the beach for the very first time.  He loved it- he had so much fun running up to the waves and then running away just in time!
Fortunately, Anthony loves the coast as much as his Daddy does. 

A highlight of our trip was a ride on a steam locomotive from Garibaldi to Rockaway. The ride lasts an hour and a half including a half hour stop in Rockaway so you can go to the beach, get ice cream, or just run around a little bit.

Inside the train.
The view from the train.

 Little Skipper ready for his first boat trip,on Nehalem Bay.

Flying a kite for the first time.

 It got away and "we" (i.e., Paul) had to chase it all over town!

 We explored tide pools...

And ate healthy snacks.

We saw an Octopus tree.

 And met the world's fattest squirrel.

One night, much to Paul's dismay, we participated in drum circle on the beach.

 Anthony really got into it.

 That's me climbing the big sand mountain at Cape Kiwanda.


 Who needs Legos?

Sand surfing. He did this about 20 times in a row.


 Big and Little.



  1. Beautiful, awesome fun! Can't wait for life to calm down enough to hang out with you.

  2. beautiful beach for the beautiful people - the CARSON FAMILY - looks like another great adventure