Monday, May 20, 2013

The Big Red Farm

Anthony's preschool hosted a special event at their farm school this weekend. Despite some rain and mud, the day was a lot of fun.

This is Indy, the miniature horse.  Don't call him a pony!

Nice, right?

Anthony got to feed Indy a carrot.

And chase some ducks.

When he came to this building, he kept pointing at it and signing "farm." We explained that the whole place was the farm, but he insisted that this particular building was The Farm. 

 I blame the Peek-a-Boo Barn app.

One of the activities was Farm Bingo, a game like I Spy. All the kids got stickers and a "bingo board" with pictures of things like a horse, tree, chicken, etc. When they found each thing, they put a sticker on the picture. 

The Bingo game is a great idea that could be adapted to help teach sight words. You could make a board showing words instead of pictures and go on a hunt. For example, you could read a homemade book about going to the park, then really go to the park with your word board and go on a hunt for things like the slide, grass, swing, tree, bug, etc. Or you could make one for a trip to the grocery store, with words like apple, banana, crackers, etc, or you could hide items around the house and play a game to find them.

But as Anthony's Dad tells me, you don't have to turn everything into a learning opportunity! Sometimes you just want to hang out with a miniature horse and have fun, and that's okay too.

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