Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day, the PDX Way!

We finally joined the rest of North American and got some snow. Yesterday we had a total of 3.5 inches. You East Coasters and Midwesterners are scoffing, but by Portland standards this is a blizzard. Schools closed, roads are impassable, and there's round the clock news coverage of the "Winter Blast." 

It's snowing!

Portland's credibility as a bicycling mecca suffered a blow when the "Worst Day of the Year" ride was canceled due to bad weather.

The snow was too dry and fluffy to make a full-size snowman, but we managed this little guy. (That's a baby carrot.)

As long as you have the right headgear, you'll be ready for anything.

Lucky for us we live on a hill, and our neighbors whose kids are grown loaned us the use of their sled. 

The 74th Avenue two-man bobsled team going for the gold!

Everyone took a turn.

Someone really enjoyed his first sledding adventure!

Well, it's coming down again out there, so we're off for more snow fun!

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  1. So fun! Our sledding was just for Cora, and only on flat ground! Maybe one day we'll get to a hill!