Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another clean bill of health!

Anthony had another pediatrician appointment today, and he's continuing to do really well. Oxygen saturation was again at 98%, lungs sound great, and he's growing like a weed (12 pounds 8 oz today- up 11 ounces from last week). The doctor said we can eliminate Anthony's 2 am feeding starting Thursday. We are going to want to set the alarm to check on him in the middle of the night anyway! Yesterday we went to the gastroenterologist for a followup about the feeding tube. We have an appointment set up for June 24th to get the tube changed to a "button"- this is easier to manage, and it's routine to do this when a g-tube will be in for a while. We'll do this if it's needed, but we're REALLY hoping Anthony won't be needing the g-tube by then and we can just be done with it.

We'll be having some construction workers around the house this week- we're getting central AC and a new furnace installed! We've wanted to do this for a long time, and this week's heat gave us the motivation to finally get the wheels in motion. The air quality in the house will be much better, which is good news for Anthony's lungs. One of the things they'll be doing is cleaning out the heating vents with a giant vacuum cleaner. We hope Arnold will recover from this experience without too much PTSD. Note to anyone who wants to visit this summer- the upstairs bedroom will be much more comfortable now!

After our doctor visit yesterday we took Anthony with us to the nursery to buy some plants (Garden Fever on Fremont for you PDX-ers). It was the first store he's ever been in! It was so great to do something so "normal" with him! Already we are feeling so much more comfortable than we were just a week ago.

This whole blogging thing is new to us- we have to figure out how to get the pictures where we want them on the page. We'll figure it out eventually.

That's all the news for now- Anthony loves you all (and so do we)!!!

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  1. I keep forgetting to comment, but I'm so very excited to hear how well Anthony is doing!!! Glad you guys are enjoying some much needed time at home with him!