Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Procedure and Al Fresco Playtime

On Wednesday, Anthony had his procedure to change his G-tube to what they call a "button." He did great, and didn't need the ventilator while under sedation. The "button" is more like a cork or plug, and not what we expected, but that just means we're more motivated than ever to help him get to the point of taking all his feedings and meds by mouth. The doctor recommends not removing the button until we haven't used it for 2 months, so our goal is to get it removed by early September. It's Sunday and we haven't needed to use the button for any feedings or medications at all yet. Anthony's pediatrician visit went well this week also and he doesn't have to go back for another month!

This week we also went to visit Anthony's daycare providers. He'll be starting there 3 days a week starting on July 8th (gulp!). It's going to be hard to leave him, but we feel really good about the place we've chosen, and I'm ready to go back to work.

We all enjoyed a great weekend of family time. The weather's been just perfect in Portland! We all (even Arnold) spent some time just enjoying the yard. This is something we dreamed about doing when Anthony was in the hospital. It's hard to describe what a happy thing it was for us to just all be together on a beautiful day- I'm sure you all know what we mean. Here's a video:


  1. That certainly IS fantastic - all the Carsons hanging out in the backyard.
    I see Anthony's shirt reads he's an All Star, but looking at those baggy shorts makes me think he has a bit of a Hip Hopper in him.

  2. Dreams do come true - thanks for sharing this wonderful day!