Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Homecoming Day!!!

Exactly one year ago today, after 3 long months, we got to take Anthony home from the NICU!

Ready to go?

Paul found the biggest balloon ever to thank everyone in the NICU for taking care of our precious boy.

We couldn't believe they were really going to let us leave with him!

With Karen, one of Anthony's very favorite NICU nurses. Karen gave Anthony a copy of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!" as a going away present.

Making our getaway.

All strapped in and ready for his first car ride!

All systems go!!!

Home at last.

Where he belongs.


  1. It seems like forever ago and it seems like yesterday. What a fantastic day! "WELCOME HOME" I'm sure has never nor will never feel so great.

  2. Anthony, Another day to celebrate YOU - and every day I do! Love, Auntie Pat