Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NICU Reunion 2010

We went to the St. Vincent's NICU reunion on Sunday. We weren't sure how it would feel to be back there and to see all the reminders of Anthony's time in the hospital, but we wound up having a great time and were so glad we went!

Above is a picture of us with the friends we were so lucky to make through our NICU experience: In the back row, it's us with Emily, Kit and Ellie. Inside of Emily is baby Evelyn, who is scheduled to arrive on the scene this Thursday (!). In the front row are Ruth and Suzanne with Harry and Claire, our favorite twins.

Along with the buddies we keep in touch with, we got to see our favorite nurses and respiratory therapists, and lots of parents and babies we remembered passing through the NICU during our stay. We were so proud to show off how healthy and strong our little guy is now. It was amazing to see babies we remembered only as tiny little alien-looking things all grown up and thriving.

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