Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What do you do when you're feeling better...?!

Anthony finally kicked his stomach virus to the curb! Just in time, as the long three-day weekend was nearly over! So with Memorial Day actually looking a bit sunny, what's a young lad with cabin fever to do? Why head off to the amusement park, of course!

Off we went to Portland's Oaks Park, an institution since 1905 in these parts, and this weekend it was the site of the Multnomah County Fair! How could we say no?!

Anthony's too young for pony rides and the petting zoo, but he gazed in amazement at all the critters, just the same!
Look at these two hillbillies!
"Hey, Dad, what's that noise? It sounds like a train whistle? Is that Thomas?"
No, but it's "The Great Kids Express!" A small scale train that even adults can fit on (oh, boy!)that chugs around the outskirts of the amusement park! Now we're talkin'!
It was Anthony's first train ride (that wasn't a New York subway) and he was pretty excited!
Look at this awesome family portrait!!!
HOORAY!!! Mommy's point of view!
Sure hope the bridge isn't out! It made for a really fun Memorial Day outing and let us feel that summer was finally around the corner! Anthony was very happy to finally get out of the house -- that makes three of us!
After a fun time on the midway, it was time to go find a snack. "Bartender, I'd like an eight ounce milk, please..."
"Wait a minute! THIS isn't milk!!! P'tooey!"

"Mommy and Daddy love this Bridgeport place. Me, I'm kind'a tired and ready to head home! Thanks for a fun day, you guys! Can we go back there to Oaks Park again? After I've had a little nap?"

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  1. Looks like a fun and full day - glad you are feeling better - Pat