Saturday, May 28, 2011

Say What?!

These are all actual things said by actual people to parents on a Down syndrome support board I belong to.  They are too astoundingly hilarious not to share!

"You did NOT just say that."

• Do they know what caused her to be a mongoloid? (From a nurse)
• I just love those Down's kids. They are like really great dogs.
• How long do doctors say she’ll live?
• But you don't even drink!
• These things happen because of the sins committed by Adam and Eve
• She looks like she's 90% normal.
• HE'S DOWNS, RIGHT? (From a stranger on the bus)
• But...but…he's so CUTE!
• They don't have people with Down syndrome in Ireland.
• He's actually really cute!
• If he's missing a chromosome why can't they just give him one and cure him?
• I know he'll be alright because your good genes will balance out the Down syndrome.
• But you were so careful during your pregnancy…You did yoga and everything!

And my personal favorite (from an audiologist in the NICU):
• I like to think of them as little human beings.

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  1. LOL, esp that the last one was from medical personel