Friday, July 8, 2011

Nye Beach 2011

We spent a few days over the July 4th weekend at one of our favorite places at the coast- Nye Beach, near Newport.  The weather was perfect and we all had a fantastic time.

The place where we stayed overlooked the beach, and had this great hill that was perfect for climbing up and down.

It's fun to throw your ball all the way down the hill and then go get it!  Or better yet, make Mommy and Daddy go get it.

These are the stairs leading to the beach.  We counted 112 of them. 

The view from the Rogue Brewery, where we ate dinner one night.  Well, Mommy and Daddy ate dinner; Anthony threw his on the floor.

It's hard to go to sleep when it's still so sunny out and the grassy knoll is calling to you!

Finally, we wore him out.  Elmo looks terrified.

Then we watched the sun go down on our patio.

Here's the Yaquina Head lighthouse, which we went to see the next day...

This has the designation "Outstanding Natural Area"- seriously!  We went here on a date once before we were even married.


Tufted puffins- they're very noisy and sound like kids playing in a schoolyard.

Harbor seals. So lazy!


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