Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Reading

Armed with his brand new library card, Anthony signed up for the Multnomah County Library's Summer Reading Program

We mark off whenever we read to him for 15 minutes, or do another suggested activity.  When we've marked off a certain number of spaces we can go to the library and claim a prize (and get more books of course!).  So far, Anthony has finished the first step and got a new book as his prize.  When you finish all the steps, you get a free t-shirt (while supplies last...).

We've checked out lots of new books, but usually he prefers the old favorites, like Big Red Barn.  It's a real page turner, as you can see! 

The best book we discovered at the library is The Napping House- this is funny and beautiful book that has become one of Anthony's favorites.

The Napping House (Board book)

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