Thursday, September 1, 2011

Closed Daycare + Daddy = Zoo!

Daycare was closed a couple of days this week, so mommy and daddy took turns taking days off to be with Anthony! Daddy doesn't get too many solo days, so it was a real treat!!! What else could two fellas do on a sunny day but head for the zoo?! Check out those bears!

You can't go to the zoo and not take a ride on the zoo train. It was a wonderful run through the beautiful, shady forests above Portland. Daddy, this is awesome!

But you did kind of time this around nap time...

Anthony just loved discovering all the animals - they were all very active today! There was a Zebra...

A regal and powerful looking lion - he's almost as cool as daddy!

Anthony loved the baby elephant!!! And who wouldn't?!

After lunch, we checked out the Northwest Birds of Prey show! A Bald Eagle flew about three inches over daddy's head!

Then we went for a walk on the "Dino Path," a really cool area where big animatronic dinosaurs move around and roar at you. Anthony LOVED these guys! He was laughing so hard!

I guess dinosaurs = comedy...?

By mid afternoon, even the wolves were ready for a nap...

They weren't the only ones! We had the best time ever! There is nothing in the world better than being a daddy!

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