Saturday, September 24, 2011

A great day for a Buddy Walk!

The weatherman says it's the last 80-degree day for a while, so it made for a wonderful day for this year's Buddy Walk! We loaded up our team signs and headed out to meet our gang!

What a turnout we had! Friends and coworkers and family who walked in spirit from across the country! It turns out we had one of the largest teams this year - what a showing!

Oh, man, our parents are going to try and get us all to sit still for a photo again...this could take hours, guys...

Mom and Dad are ready to get walking!

Hey, I think we're getting ready to start - hear there's ice cream after.

The amazing group Supervisor played for their second year in a row. Without a doubt, the best band in Portland.

No matter where daddy goes, he always seems to meet up with some of his friends.

Several members of Portland's Cloud City Garrison were on hand to delight to crowd!

What a great walk! It was so fantastic to see our amazing community come together to celebrate and have some fun! We sure had a lot of friends turn out with us! We are pretty lucky! Now a post-Buddy Walk tradition is to splash around in the Rose Quarter fountains...

We all had fun. But on a hot day, your mood can turn on a dime...

So it's time to walk on home!
Thanks, everyone, for all your friendship and support!

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