Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Blogs Collide

We got to have a fun night out with Cora and her parents last week.

It's weird to be the parents of the big kid.  How did that happen?

After I had bragged about how well-behaved Anthony is when we go out to eat, let's just say he wasn't on his best behavior that night.  But he eventually settled down enough to eat his grilled cheese sandwich.  Cora, on the other hand, was a little lady all through the meal.  She even tried her first pickle!

 "You wouldn't mind if I had just an itsy bitsy bite of that, would you Anthony?"

"Back off my sandwich, kid."

You might know Cora from her blog.  I think it's fun when you read two blogs and then find out the bloggers know each other in real life.  Cora's mom is participating in the "31 for 21" blog challenge, where you post every day in the month of October to celebrate Down syndrome awareness month.  That's impressive!

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  1. Such great pictures! And so funny! Anthony looks SO cute here.