Monday, February 27, 2012

P is for Party

Anthony's birthday festivities started out with a visit to Grandma Jeanne and dinner out at The Olive Garden.

Then, on Saturday, it was party time!  
The theme was Sesame Street, so we had Cookie Monster cupcakes. (Nom nom nom)

The number of the day was 3, of course!

More cookies for our little guests.

Thanks to Aunt Pat's help, we were able to get the house ready just in the nick of time!


After a bit of mingling and dancing on the furniture, we herded everyone downstairs for a Rubber Ducky Scavenger Hunt and some Thomas the Tank Engine action.

Everyone back upstairs for cupcakes!

So far being 3 is pretty great! Thanks to all of our wonderful friends for sharing our special day!

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  1. Looks like a lovely party, Anthony! And oh you look like your Daddy in that last picture! Can't wait to see you soon. (And thanks for the card, says Miss Cora!)