Saturday, May 19, 2012

Signing Time Live...Abbreviated

We were very excited to go see Rachel's live Signing Time show today.  Especially since this year, Anthony knows a lot more signs and songs than he did the last time Rachel came to town.

We arrived with eager anticipation. 

Cora was there!  And Anant too!

They started the show at 12:00 as scheduled, but there were technical difficulties with the sound system. So we waited.
And waited.

After 20 minutes (which is 4 hours in 3-year-old time) Rachel finally came out.  But by then, we were all pretty much done.  The sound system was so bad we couldn't understand anything Rachel was saying!  This, combined with the show coinciding with nap time, led to tears instead of cheers.  So we made a hasty exit, hoping they choose a different venue next year.

Conked out right away on the way home.

We still love Rachel, though.  And Anthony was happy because he got a stuffed Hopkins frog out of it.

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