Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making a splash! A wonderful day!

Auntie Pat had quite a visit! She was game for anything and Anthony soon had her doing all the fun things he loves to do -- like eating!

...but Pat found time for some fun, too, like going out for dinner and bending the elbow with Paul's mom, Grandma Jeanne! Fun for the whole family!

Saturday was a day for big adventures as we all bravely took to the pool for Anthony's first swimming lesson! Yes, five months may seem a little young, but it's actually a great time for babies to start learning, as their reflexes are perfect for the water at this age. Still, being nervous NICU survivors, we checked with all of Anthony's doctors beforehand and everyone agreed that learning to swim early is a safe and very positive thing that will only serve to help Anthony's development -- plus, it's a lot of fun!

We were all a little nervous and careful not to overdo it, but when the whole family's in the water together, it's comforting and reassuring for everyone!
Plus, we had Auntie Pat on hand to take these amazing pictures of the day and to act as Anthony's very own personal lifeguard. What wonderful shots she took of our little Aqualad!

It took some bravery from all of us, but we ended up having a wonderful time! Such an adventure and Anthony always amazes us at how strong and up for anything he is! What a little champ! Learning to swim is important!

Later on, Auntie Pat looked after Anthony and let mommy and daddy have a date! We went to see the new Harry Potter movie which we just loved, loved, loved! Guess it was just supposed to be a magical day for everyone!
Pat, we miss you already! You are such an amazing Auntie! Come visit me again soon!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are doing this blog. It's just so heartwarming to read the stories about Anthony and see all the wonderful photos. What a blessing! Miss you guys and wish we lived closer so we could meet the little dude. - Dawn