Friday, July 31, 2009

No More G-Tube!

Great news this week- Anthony had his g-tube removed! The GI doc and his pediatrician agreed that he's eating well and growing just fine, so it was no longer necessary. The procedure to remove it was very simple- Anthony didn't even seem to know anything was going on (the GI doctor even told us we could remove it ourselves if we wanted to- yikes!). Anthony just has to wear a band aid until it heals up. It's very nice to be able to rub his whole belly!

The tube was removed a lot earlier than anyone predicted. Once again our little Superman exceeds expectations!!!


  1. Great news - more belly rubs and tummy time.

  2. That is wonderful news to hear. Another hurdle Anthony has tackled and and once again, the little guy has another success (with LOTS of care and patience from his Mom & Dad}. It boggles the mind to think how far he has come.