Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Whole New World - First trip to Day Care!

A quick post today, as Anthony is having a big nap, home happy and safe from his first day at Day Care! Mommy and Daddy sure felt guilty and full of anxiety about it, but we believe we have really made a good choice with the people they've chosen -- they are caring and responsible and it feels like a good fit for our boy! Such a big decision and it took a lot of bravery for us to leave Anthony, but he had a great day and lots of little adventures with wonderful, kind people watching over him! How wonderful it was to see him recognize us at pickup time and then bring him home! Every moment is so precious!
Anthony is getting very excited because he has heard that his New York Aunties are at last starting to make plans to come visit! Let the exodus begin!!!


  1. A big day - glad to hear you are working and playing (while Arnold guards the house) See you soon!!

  2. So glad to hear it went well! How adorable that he recognized you!! Susan, I meant to email you that day to see how it went and then completely forgot as I haven't been online much in the past couple of days. Hope it's continuing to go well!

  3. I hope Anthony had a fun adventure with his first week of daycare..and not such a trying time for his mom & dad. I think I hear all the Carsons sigh in unison TGIF, and now Anthony really knows what that means.