Monday, January 25, 2010

A Fun-Filled Weekend

Anthony's busy social calendar is wearing us out. What a weekend we had!
On Saturday, we went to baby swimming class. After a nap, Anthony's buddies Harry and Claire came over for a playdate. Harry and Claire are twins! We first met their parents at our childbirth class. We didn't see them again until after the twins were born. They came a little early and had to spend some time in the NICU. So that's where we ran into them again!
Portland really is a small town. What a couple of cuties they are- Anthony loved hanging out with them.
(That's MILK on Anthony's overalls, by the way.)

Claire, being a girl, is a bit of an overachiever. So the fellas found they had more in common. Here they are playing "Chopsticks" on the piano. ("No, Anthony, I'm sure it's a C-sharp.")

Harry doesn't let any obstacle get in his way- he just goes right over it!

We learned a new game the twins' moms made up to encourage crawling. It's called "Whale and Krill" and consists of throwing cheerios (or puffs) on the floor and watching the babies go after them! (Of course, our floors are always very, very clean, so this is no cause for concern.) Arnold likes this game too.

On Sunday, Anthony had the pleasure of attending his buddy Isaac's first birthday party. We forgot to take pictures, but trust us, we had a good time. Anthony partied so hard that he fell asleep before getting any birthday cake. But...
...then he took Grandma Jeanne out to dinner for HER birthday. He got to have his first taste of whipped cream from her key lime pie, to make up for missing out on birthday cake.
Today we're taking it easy and hanging around the house. That's fun too!


  1. Such social butterflies!! How do you do it? Thank you for sharing more adventures of the Carson family.

  2. I SWEAR that's a milk stain! I swear. Both Anthony and I have complete control of ourselves when we're laughing hysterically. -Anthony's Dad