Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guest Post from Aunt Pat

Anthony loves to play. Last week I spent four days with my wonderful nephew. While Paul and Susan went to work, Anthony brought me up to date since I last spent time with him three months ago. No more binky - he has found his thumbs and can even suck his thumb and drink a bottle at the same time. He has a great appetite and showed me how to pick up crackers, chew them and then spray some of the same chewed crackers on my face. He can do the same with yogurt, avocados, peas or sweet potatoes. Arnold stopped by and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Anthony has found his feet and can remove his socks without any struggle. We played with all the toys from Santa. He seems to like toys that he can make noise with like the maracas and a spinning top. The rings are always a favorite and have multiple uses (teething, sound and stretching exercises behind his back). Anthony loves his books and can get very excited over a good story plot. But his favorite time is when his Mommy and Daddy come home from work and he is wrapped up in hugs and kisses. The Carson home is full of the laughter and love of this little baby boy. He is growing so fast - he babbles, giggles and wants to explore. He gives kisses on the cheek (almost) and can wave hello and good-by. I miss cuddling with him and can't wait to see him in March.. . .and his hair is blond...and his bedtime is 8 o'clock - he looks so sweet in those footsie pajamas...

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  1. Auntie Pat is so much fun!!! She taught me Patty Cake and played with me and even gave Mommy and Daddy a date night (whatever that is...). She is so much fun when she comes to visit! We love you!!!