Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have a seat!

Today was a big day- Anthony figured out how to get into the sitting position all by himself!  Even though he's been sitting independently since the summertime, until now he needed someone to put him that way.  He could go from sitting to crawling, but not the other way around. 

Hence, his signature "Playgirl Centerfold" pose:

It was probably frustrating for him to have to depend on other people to sit him up (and to not have the words yet to ask).  So this is a very big deal! 

That's right- give yourself a round of applause.  We're so proud of you! 


  1. Definitely a big round of applause! And this skill will come in so handy when Anthony's checking out all those packages Santa brings!

  2. Way to go, Anthony! Applause all around.