Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Great Day 4 a Party

We got together with a few little friends to celebrate Anthony's 4th birthday.  
Okay, more than a few.

Maybe 35 preschoolers was a bit much.

But we love all of our little friends- how do you not invite all of them?

Birthday hugs

and high fives.

Lucky for us, The Playground Gym has the capacity to accommodate a group of this size and rambunctiousness. The kids played and played.
There was an obstacle course and lots of swinging, jumping and climbing.


The rock wall was definitely Anthony's favorite. Maybe we have a future mountaineer.

Then it was cake time. The amazing staff at the gym not only got the entire roomful of kids to stop playing and come sit at the table, but they got them all to wash their hands first!  
Showing how many fingers old Anthony is.


Yay for 4!

The gym staff said it was the largest group they ever had for a party, but also the nicest. I believe that.

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  1. What a great party. Such a great location. You are a brave woman to take on all those little ones, but it looks like it was a roaring success. And what a nice comment they made. Sad we missed it and Happy Birthday to Sir Anthony.