Monday, February 11, 2013

Rompin' and Stompin'

Saturday was the "Romp to Stomp" snowshoe fundraiser for the Susan Komen Foundation. 

This is such a fun event.  We were glad they moved it back to Mt. Hood.  It was held at Mt. Bachelor for a couple of years and that's much farther away from us.

Breakfast before hitting the road.

This was Anthony's second Romp. He's grown up so much since his first one, when he wasn't quite 1.

And it was Grady's first.  We participate in the event in honor of Grady's Grandma Kris.

Grady with his Mommy and Daddy, looking very cool!

Thumbs up: Off we go!

Trudging across the tundra.

These pictures make it look like The Endurance, but actually the weather was great.  Not much sun, but lots of snow and temperatures in the mid-30's, with a light snow falling- nice!



Daddy got the hard part of the walk, and I took over for the second half (all downhill- sweet!)

We really need to get up to the mountain more often!

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