Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy Rocks the House

After only a few months of lessons, Paul had his first guitar gig yesterday!  He joined his guitar teacher and fellow guitar students onstage at the Alberta Rose Theatre for a rousing rendition of "Baby Beluga." 

It was part of the Music Together Teacher's Concert and Scholarship Fundraiser.  

Paul is sitting up front on the stool.  That's teacher Maggie on the far right.  Maggie is not only Paul's guitar teacher, but also Anthony's Music Together teacher this term. Maggie teaches beginner guitar and banjo for adults, and a lot of her students are Music Together parents.  

"Is that who I think that is up there?"

We love Music Together.  Anthony's been going since he was 8 months old. This will probably be his last term since we've gone through all the collections and are repeating the first one now-- that's 11 ten-week classes in all.  It's been a great experience, and now Daddy can play all the songs for us!

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