Thursday, September 4, 2014

Countdown to Kindergarten: Tomorrow's the Day!

Tomorrow Anthony begins his Portland Public Schools journey. The rest of the school started on Tuesday, but they ease the kindergarteners into it by starting them on a Friday. At first I thought that would be strange, but now I'm so glad it's that way. One day seems manageable. Five days in a row seems overwhelming!

But the backpack is packed, lunchbox is labeled, and our big boy is tucked in safe and sound. We've done our homework, so to speak, and now it's time to let it happen. 

Here's Anthony at our meeting with his teacher Ms. Aase yesterday. We first met her at the kindergarten open house a week ago, and we loved her right away. She is so warm and kind. Her room is decorated with owls- it's pretty much impossible not to love her.

At the Open House, we also met Anthony's helper, Ms. Nicole.  I'm not sure what her official title is- paraprofessional? Student teacher?  She's a recent college grad, and being in Ms. Aase's room will be her first "real" job in teaching. We liked her right away too. When she told us she has taken two years of sign language, I just about fell over I was so thrilled. We were worried that no one would be able to understand Anthony's signs, and were still trying to come up with a good way to convey them, and then here she is.

Ms. Nicole made a visual schedule so that Anthony will know what to expect on the first day.

From what I can tell, kindergarten seems to involve a lot of "getting ready" to do things and also going to the bathroom.

Tomorrow Paul and I both have the day off from work, so after we drop Anthony off we'll have the whole day to be neurotic together. What should we do?

I hope all of our little friends near and far have a wonderful first day/week of school. 

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