Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten: So Far So Good!

The day finally arrived. We all managed to stay calm and even got out of the house in time to capture the required First Day of School Chalkboard Pinterest Photo.

Anthony seemed really excited and proud. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time exploring the school over the summer, so he was very familiar with the environment by the time the big day arrived. 

Backpack on, ready to go!

Just another PPS student. We were a little early and had to wait for the bell to ring.

Finally it was time to find our class. All the kindergarten teachers were standing outside their rooms and greeted each little student as they came in. 

Mrs. Aase had the room so nice and personalized for her students. Each little one had a place to hang his backpack and a spot at one of the 3 tables. The class is smaller than we expected- only about 20 students. 

Anthony thought the whole thing was hilarious. He sat at his spot and colored his picture. He also investigated the scissors and glue stick immediately.

Mrs. Aase introduced Ms. Nicole as her assistant and didn't single Anthony out or say that she was there just for him. That was awesome.

After all the kids had a chance to get settled, Mrs. Aase addressed the class and parents. She welcomed everyone and said that she was a little nervous-- was anyone else nervous too?

She asked the parents and kids if they had anything they wanted to say or ask. A few parents spoke, saying that their older kids had Mrs. Aase and loved her, or that they hoped all the kids would listen to what Mrs. Aase and Ms. Nicole said today.

Then....Mrs. Aase announced that the Mommies and Daddies were going to leave now, but Mrs. Aase and Ms Nicole were there to help. The mood in the room shifted suddenly. A few kids burst into tears or reached out as their parents left.  Anthony gripped on to my leg like a monkey! But eventually we all extricated ourselves and walked out into the hallway, greeted by PTA members offering tissues. As we peeked in the classroom window, all the kids seemed calmed down. In all there were probably more tears from the parents than the kids.

Paul and I went out to breakfast and then spent the day at home. The time went so fast- before we knew it it was 2:00 and time for pickup. We joined the other parents waiting in the lobby and watched as each class came out, led by their teachers. It was amazing- they looked so orderly, holding a partner's hand and walking nicely just like they'd been doing it for years. We spotted Anthony bringing up the rear next to Ms. Nicole. They all marched into the gym and sat down on the floor. Then we were allowed in to pick up our kindergarteners and take them home.

Ms. Aase said he had a great day. The principal called us over to tell us that in fact, he needed Ms. Nicole's help less than some of the other kids in the class. In the morning, he participated and followed directions with the other kids, and even ate some of his lunch. By the afternoon, he had a harder time and didn't want to go to PE. Ms. Nicole said he was able to tell her that he was nervous. All in all it was a very successful start to the school year. We said our goodbyes and set off to enjoy our weekend.  

Operation Kindergarten Day One: Mission Accomplished!