Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Mess With Anthony!

We went to the science museum yesterday. Anthony was sitting at a table playing with a toy cash register in the fake supermarket area. A bigger girl of about 3 years old came over and tried to just PUSH him off the chair so she could play with it. Anthony got a very outraged look on his face and shoved her right back! I had seen kids take toys from him in the past and he just accepted it, so I was so proud to see him asserting himself. (Next we'll work on sharing, but first things first...)


  1. Way to go Anthony! It's funny isn't it- I'm not sure when the line changes to expecting diplomacy first :) Last week Abby was playing with a toy and a kiddo grabbed it from her and she grabbed it back- I couldn't have been prouder! A few months ago when a kiddo grabbed her toy her sister got into a tug-of-war trying to get it back for her. Bless their lil tough spirits!