Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to the Coast

We took a quick family vacation to the beautiful Oregon Coast last weekend.

We stayed at Nye Beach, in Newport.
It was Anthony's second trip to the ocean ever!
Nye Beach has lots of cute shops and attractions.

Look out, Daddy!!!
Here is the historic Newport Bridge.  We could hear sea lions all the way from the other side of the bridge!

This was the view from our room Friday evening.
We got a brand new Pack 'n Play for Anthony to sleep in during our trip.  After just a bit of fussing, he snuggled in with Elmo for the night.  Unfortunately, Elmo had a little trouble sleeping, and we all decided at 2:00 am that it would be better if everyone piled into the big bed together for the rest of the night.

After a night's rest, it was time to head out for a big breakfast.
We all ate very well during our trip- especially Anthony!  Here he is sampling his first CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!  Take a picture, Daddy! 
Uh oh- maple syrup spill!
That was funny!
Fueled up, we were ready to hit the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  We arrived just in time to see a dive demonstration in the shark pool!

Here's Daddy with Captain Nemo from "20.000 Leagues Under the Sea"
Anthony got a sticker! (See his right shoulder)
Did you see that?!

Sea Lions hanging out on the dock right in town.

(This blog editor is giving me grief, so I'll fix the post up later and add a few more pix.  But I wanted to get some pictures up!)

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip - gorgeous sunset, happy faces, adventure and lots of clapping! Pat