Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 for 21 Day 2: Preschool Update

Anthony's been at preschool at The Big House for about a month now, and we are pleased to say that so far it's going great. 

On the Smile Bus for Picture Day

Picture Day was on Anthony's usual day off, so I brought him in the morning and got a chance to spy on a typical day as everyone waited their turn on the Smile Bus.

They got so excited when they saw the bus pull up!

Anthony (in the blue plaid shirt) lined up so nicely with his class as they got ready for the group photo. I cropped the photo because I shouldn't post other kids' faces here without permission, but you can imagine how cute they were.

This is Anthony's favorite thing at school.  

The lovely backyard.

Anthony's Early Intervention teacher will be checking in with him at school every few weeks. Here's her report from her first visit:

"It was really fun to see Anthony in that new environment doing so well already and so happy.  I got to be with him outside for a while and watched him climb the ladder and go down the slide a bunch of times independently.  The music therapist happened to come while I was there and it was also great to see.  He was doing signs, hand motions and finger plays while she sang and he was even singing some of the words in songs that were more familiar.  It was really fun.  He really does react well to music and movement activities. 

"We then transitioned inside where he showed me around a bit and then we sifted things out of the sand bucket for a bit before I had to leave.

"What a fun place.  The teachers are really nice and enthusiastic.  The kids are great and so gentle and inclusive with him.  I love that they even have pets to care for.  I can't wait to go back for my next visit!"

I made a "social story" book for Anthony about going to school. A social story can be a good way for a young child to learn what's expected in a new situation, or just a way to share and talk about things.

The last page shows a group picture of the whole class and says "School is fun!"  

We're so happy with this place. All the teachers and other parents are so positive and encouraging.  The longer he's there the more confident we are that we made the right choice.  The future may bring us our share of school woes and fights for inclusion, but we're glad that for now, he's in a great place.

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