Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Galaxies to Tall Trees

We saw that today was "Star Wars Reads Day," where libraries and bookstores would be using Star Wars books to get kids interested in reading - so with children's literacy always in mind, we hopped in the family Tie Fighter and made the jump to lightspeed and our local Barnes and Noble...

Where a kindly reader was gamely describing the wonders of Naboo and Darth Maul to a small but enthusiastic young crowd. Unfortunately, the inventory of Star Wars related books was a bit scarce (no Star Wars ABC?!?), there was nary a costumed character to be seen - ah, the slumped shoulders of disappointment (on Daddy, at least)...

Determined to find other wonders, we headed for the nearest park!

"Wow, that is one tall tree............!"

"Solid, too...hard to push over..."

"Why is this tree moving?!"

"AMBUSHED! By the Hide & Seek Queen! Mommy!!!"

"I don't want to bum out dad, but this seems a lot more fun than some old Star Wars book..."

"Hey, Dad, over here - I'm a Jedi - catch me!"

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  1. Oh I love the picture of him looking up. Isn't it great how the simple things can provide the most enjoyment? I'm sure Paul will get his fix one of these days. Do you read "With a Little Moxie?" She and her kids are really into Star Trek and she's blogged about a homeschooling program based on it. Just some food for thought.