Friday, October 5, 2012

31 for 21 Day 5: Kids Sign the Darnedest Things

Since Anthony isn't using words to talk yet, we haven't yet had the privilege of hearing him say the kind of cute things kids say when they're learning to talk and make mistakes or misunderstand things.  But if you pay attention to his signs, there are plenty of examples of this sort of thing.

  • The other day Paul, who hadn't shaved in a few days, tried to give Anthony a kiss on the cheek.  We couldn't figure out why Anthony signed goat- was he calling Daddy a goat?!  Then we remembered that to sign goat you show the goat's horns and then the goat's hairy chin.  So although he doesn't know the sign for beard, he was telling us that Daddy was too scratchy for a kiss!
  • Sometimes he gets the lyrics to songs wrong.  In one song about crows, he signs "car" when the crows say "cah,cah".  Good to know he's picking up my New Yawk accent.  He also signs along to another song, which goes, "I had an old friend over for tea", by signing "teeth".  I wonder if he thinks it's strange to have someone over for teeth.
  • And my personal favorite: A local store has on display plaster casts of pregnant bellies.

This is a tasteful, artsy way to commemorate the beauty and miracle of your pregnancy.

Whenever we go to the store, Anthony points at them and signs, "gorilla."


  1. Oh my God, I just almost fell off my chair. Gorilla! Hahaha! I love this. One of my favorite things early on is teaching Cora about chicken and having her point to my cheek. At the time I thought it was very smart. She didn't know what a chicken was, but it sounded a lot like cheek.

    These really show just how smart that boy is. Like there was any doubt...

  2. Too funny! When my daughter was in preschool (she is now 22!!!), at Christmas she would always sign baby cheeses!