Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harvest Time

We never got around to planting any vegetables this year, except for our annual pumpkin patch, and that's yielded only two sad little things.  If anyone knows the secret to growing pumpkins, let us know- we've never had any luck.  But the good news is that our vineyard (i.e., our one grape vine) has had its best year yet. Usually we only get a few bunches and the birds eat them before we have a chance to.  But this year we have tons, and they're very tasty.  It's so fun to go out there and eat the grapes right off the vine. We have to make sure to plant a vegetable and herb garden next year.

With no bounty to be found in our backyard, we headed to the Portland Farmers Market this morning to see what looked good.  We came home with Polish sausage, sweet peppers, carrots, and an onion.  (We also bought scones and some apple-pear cider but that didn't make it home.)

We decided to play "stump the chef" and use whatever else was in the cupboard to make a crock pot dish.  We found cans of cannelini beans, lentil soup, and whole tomatoes.  So we threw that in with our haul from the market and a teaspoon of salt.

We'll cook it on low all day tomorrow and see how it comes out!

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